To celebrate our launch we are offering an introductory fee and a free market appraisal for those considering selling their homes.

Guide To Selling

Market Ready House

Get your property market ready.

Think like a buyer….when they view, how will they see your property?

Do any rooms need re-decorating? Is the front door in pristine condition?…. first impressions are so important!

De-clutter and remove valuables, personal items and family photographs that you would not wish to be seen on the website.

Property pre-photograph checklist

This list may seem obvious, but remember you are selling the lifestyle…. Have a look at some property listings and spot the tea towels and washing up liquid! It’s not what you want to see.


  • Clean and arrange any outdoor furniture. If it’s a sunny day arrange the cushions on the chairs.
  • Remove cars from the driveway
  • Give the garden some TLC. Mow the lawns. If it is summer make sure there is some floral colour. If its winter remove fallen leaves.
  • Remove/ hide wheelie bins


  • Removing rugs and other similar items to create a sense of space.
  • Remove all rubbish bins.


  • Fluff up cushions and drape throws.
  • Turn on lights/lamps
  • Open any curtains/blinds
  • De clutter and clear TV remotes/other items on coffee tables.
  • Arrange coffee table with books.


  • Turn on lights/lamps
  • Completely clear surfaces 
  • Clear fridge of magnets/ drawings etc
  • Add splash of colour with flowers/fruit bowl
  • Set table (white plates for optimum results)


  • Turn on lights/lamps
  • Open any curtains/blinds
  • Clear clutter/toys, especially anything that will show under the beds. 
  • Remove teenagers from their beds :0
  • Iron bedding (maybe purchase new bedding) and fluff up the pillows.


  • Turn on lights/lamps
  • Remove wash baskets/bins
  • Hang fresh towels
  • Put toilet seat down
  • Add splash of colour with plant
  • Remove all toiletries….they are distracting.

What paperwork do you need when selling a property?

Firstly create a file of property documents ready for your solicitor.

  • EPC. We can arrange the EPC for you, please ask for details
  • Relevant building restrictions
  • Building regulation completion certificate, when alterations have taken place
  • A copy of the lease (if the property is leasehold)
  • Freehold Documents
  • FENSA certificates for replacement windows
  • Planning permission
  • Gas safety certificate for a new boiler