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Getting ready to sell: the secret to home staging

Cheshire Home Staging

“Home staging” – the concept of styling your home ready for selling – is growing in popularity as home sellers recognise how it can help sell homes quicker – and, crucially, at the best possible price.

We caught up with Suzanne Batista, director of Cheshire Home Staging, who shares her top tips for Hale Homes clients:

“Although demand for home staging has grown, it is a relatively new concept here in the UK and people still don’t realise it is a service that could help them sell their property. It’s been around for years in America – houses there don’t tend to go on the market without being staged.

There is a misconception that buyers will want to put their own stamp on a home- so why bother to decorate ahead of a sell?

Increasingly, that’s not the case – everyone is influenced by beautiful interior designs they see on Instagram and Pinterest, and they are looking for that clean, modern look when they are house hunting.

My top tip for those preparing to sell their homes is: put yourself in buyers’ shoes- that’s where a lot of people struggle and is often why they don’t get the viewings or offers they want.

Will a potential buyer want to see your photographs, clutter and paperwork when viewing your home? The answer is no; so as an easy first step home sellers can take to boost their chances of selling their home quickly – and at the guide price – is to get into the mindset that you have already sold: start to pack things away so that the house is free of personal items and there is bare minimum on display.

The next step would be to take a look at the state of your walls – are there lots of cracks? Is it in need of a lick of paint? Potential buyers will pick up on that so it is important to address this and give the walls a fresh lick of a neutral paint colour- but NOT magnolia!

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